Monthly goals for my blog & biz - December 2017

It is important that for every project or activity you want to start, you actually set certain goals to achieve. When it comes to building your own blog and establishing your new business, it is crucial that you have some focused achievements to reach. I think it is not ok to "just go with the flow" if you want to be successful, therefore a plan is needed. And what is included in any well-done plan? Goals! Targets! Milestones! However you would like to call them, they are needed and essential.
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This is the first month when I seriously invest time and energy into launching and growing my blog and business. For now, I focus on my blog more than on my biz, but they go hand in hand so my goals reflect both of them.

I want to set specific and measurable objectives for my blog. I don't want to create here a new "to do" list because trust me, I have enough on my mind and I don't need another stress factor to kill my mood. That is why I want to keep it simple and hopefully modest because, truth to be told, I am a beginner and I don't know "my powers" yet. I know I will do everything I can to reach these objectives and when I will make the review in January 2018, we will see together if I was too ambitious or didn't trust myself enough.

So here they are! My 5 blog & biz goals for December 2017, the first time when I really put my heart and soul into this marvelous project:

Reach 1000 page views for the full month and 100 unique visitors.

When I was working on the visual part of my website, I had some published posts so I can see how everything is working and looking like. During that period, I had around 300 page views per month with just 2-3 blog posts with no promoting efforts, so I really hope and target to reach this goal in no time.

In this case, maybe you will say "why such a low number?". Well, December is a holiday month, so everybody is busy with preparing for Christmas and New Year, running the year's end errands, spending quality time with family and friends and ignoring the technology (great tip, by the way) or just having fun in a mountain resort where internet connection is poor. Therefore, I am expecting that the classic seasonality hits my page views as well.

Engage with other bloggers I follow and comment on at least 3 blog posts per week.

I always read other blogs and some of them quite regularly, but for some reason, I never comment. I think I can count on the fingers on one hand how often have I posted comments in a month. Even if I had something to add or to ask. I never did unless it was crucial.

Commenting on others blogs it's a good trick to create your network and increase traffic to my website, so why not taking advantage of it? It's a win-win for both parties and let's not forget, discussing common topics with smart and pleasant people it is always nice and useful.

Monetize my blog by having 3 posts with affiliate links.

This one is tough. I don't like to push people into buying stuff from my Etsy shop or via an affiliate link, although I have a totally different attitude at my daily job, haha. But let's be realistic. I and my husband are investing a lot of time and energy, and also money in building this awesome source and hopefully successful business, so it is crucial to be profitable if we want to be able to go on.

Promote every day the latest blog post on all social media accounts.

Social media is part of our lives either we like it or not and I would be stupid not to use this leverage. I cannot invest now in an automatic SoMe tool to promote my posts, therefore I will do everything manually and increase my website traffic with the help of facebook, google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also use LinkedIn but it is personal and strictly for my career, so there I will promote carefully meaning I will not publish my latest DIY craft, just the real business topics. At least for now. Maybe later I will change my strategy.

Define the structure of the first e-book I want to write.

I already have the topic in my mind and a general structure for my first e-book project, but I never got the chance to really just focus on this. I dedicated my time to create my website, to write the proper copy for each page and write a whole one month posts in advance, including graphics. While preparing for next month already, I want to start putting together the base of this plan and be able to start writing in January.

It is crucial to have realistic goals especially when you just start your blogging journey. Finding a system that works for you will give you more confidence and help you not to lose your momentum. - click to Tweet

I will try my best to achieve these objectives giving all the craziness happening in our lives right now and having little spare time. But I am not giving up, au contraire mes amis I am very motivated to make this work.

These are my newbie blogger goals and I am actually wondering what objectives you had established when you started blogging? Or if you didn't start yet, what is your plan for your first month of blogging?

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Amy J Mane II said...

Thank you for the good content hey! My greatest worry is page views! I really wish it was not that hard!!

okpaloafe rawlings said...

Thanks for this insightful strategy to be more focused on the blogging and how to monetize and achieve the set goals


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