Weekend geek tip - how to install a blogger.com template

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I am a geek when it comes to all kind of technical computer stuff. I really enjoy spending the time to learn new tricks that can help improve my productivity at work. I find it easier than asking for help because not always you can find someone available when you need and it is really annoying to wait. Not to mention the best benefit for me: if I can do it, I don't have to pay for this service and I can invest that money in something better that boosts my biz.

Of course, I don't suggest you do like me if you have no affinity towards this kind of geek stuff because you risk getting angry, frustrated and at the end, destroying the project you are working on. 
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When I had my first attempt at building my own blog, I knew that one of the steps I actually need to follow is to build my own website which in my case, meant that I had to learn how to install a blogger.com theme and how to customize it.

Today I will show you my favorite places where to find free blogger templates and how to install them on your blog.

Before digging into details, make sure that you have 1-2 posts published (you can even use the traditional Lorem Ipsum passage). The target is for you to see how your articles would look like once you choose and install a blogger theme. It may look nice on the demo website, but if it doesn't match your input from all point of views (text type, alignment and pictures), then it will not be suitable for what you need. 

After a looong research every time I said "ok, this is the final template that I choose for my blog" (yeah, you've been there also, right?), I have put together a list with few websites that are offering cool blogger themes that I could easily customize after.

Here are the sources I usually use for choosing a free blogger template. They are all offering upgrade version for which you need to pay and the main advantage is that you get their support in case you cannot manage to install the template by yourself. I have never used this option, so I really don't know the quality of this service.

- Sora templates - this website has really beautiful work that, that every time I check it out, makes me wanna try a new theme for my blog. You can find lots of fresh templates suitable for all kind of blogs. The only thing I don't like here is that you have no option to filter the available templates, so you need to go page by page.

Btemplates - this was the first website where I stopped for the first time and I was amazed how many templates they have, the easy to use filters and categories.

- Themexpose - similar to Sora, you can find here beautiful blogger templates and the good news is that they have them categorized a bit based on the type of website you want to create.

PBTemplates - this is where I have my current theme at the time I publish this post. They have many filters you can use and I like that they are the only ones who have several tutorials to help you out customizing your theme or just to solve some common bugs.

You can always check the paid sources as well. My favorite places are creativemarket, (affiliate link)thehungryjpeg (affiliate link) and etsy.

Ok, now I will give you a moment (or hours?) to browse all these websites and choose your top 3 favorite blog themes. Download the HTML files and let's get started!

Before making any changes to your website, I highly recommend saving a copy of your current website theme. In this way, in case something goes wrong with the process during you upload a new blogger template or you just don't like the choice you made, you can still install the original template.

On your blogger dashboard, go to Theme --> Backup/Restore button.

This small window will appear and you need to click Download and choose the location where you want to save the file and then click Save.

After the current template has been saved, you are back to the small window where now you will choose the Browse button and select your new blogger template and click Open.

All you have to do now is to click Upload and it's done. You can go to your website, refresh it and enjoy your newly installed template. In case you don't like how all details are adapting to your content or plans, you can always start over.

I prepared for you a short video tutorial as visual elements are more helpful.
<span>On your blogger dashboard, go to&nbsp;</span><b><i>Theme</i></b><i>.</i><br>
Click <span class=""><i><b>Backup / Restore</b>.</i></span>
A new window will appear. Click <span class=""><i><b>Download theme and choose where to save it</b>.</i></span>
After that, click&nbsp;<b>Browse</b> (don't know how this button is in Romanian, lol) and choose the new template you want to use.
Click <span class=""><i><b>Upload</b>.</i></span>
Now refresh your blog and enjoy your new template.

That was it. Easy right?

Feel free to share your new blogger template in the comments section, I would love to check it out! Or if you have any troubles and cannot solve them, I am here for you.

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