Monthly goals for my blog & biz - January 2018

It is important that for every project or activity you want to start, you actually set certain goals to achieve. When it comes to building your own blog and establishing your new business, it is crucial that you have some focused achievements to reach. I think it is not ok to "just go with the flow" if you want to be successful, therefore a plan is needed. And what is included in any well-done plan? Goals! Targets! Milestones! However you would like to call them, they are needed and essential.
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I had a great start of December, full of positive energy and determination to grow my blog from day one. And it was suuuch a good feeling to see the statistics growing steady on daily basis.

Before going into January's goals, let's quickly go through last month's objectives and see how I did.

Reach 1000 page views for the full month and 100 unique visitors.

First two weeks after launching, I promoted my posts everywhere possible and it really paid off and boosted my traffic for the entire blog!

In December 2017 I had 1,636 page views which I believe it is awesome as I only focused on half of the month! You will wonder why I stopped promoting it. Well, winter holidays came, we had guests over for a longer time and we were traveling a lot to show them around.

As for unique visitors, I am very sure I had more than 100 unique ones, but I will leave this topic open and will edit it later. Currently, I am having some problems with Google Analytics, so that is why I cannot see the real figures.

Engage with other bloggers I follow and comment on at least 3 blog posts per week.

Again, covered this only in the first two weeks and actually engaged with 5-7 blogs per week. Let's say that I compensated for the rest of the month, but I could have done it better.

Monetize my blog by having 3 posts with affiliate links.

This was an easy one. I tried to use every possible opportunity and I got to publish not 3 posts, but 5 posts with affiliate links. Maybe you will think it was too much for a new blog, but in my opinion, you should start monetizing your blog from the start and not waste any time.

You never know when THAT reader is going use your affiliate links.

Promote every day the latest blog post on all social media accounts.

This is what I did on daily basis for the first two weeks and in the third one, I skipped few days. The fourth week I did nothing. It was totally worth to put the effort in and promote my posts so I will try to keep this habit as much as possible because it's very important for the success of my blog.

I was surprised to see that since I stopped promoting my posts because of personal reasons, I still have visitors on my website which gives me strength and trust in myself that I can do it and everything will go on the path I need it to go.

Define the structure of the first e-book I want to write.

This goal I could say that is half done. Actually, it's more than half done, but the problem is that I was planning to do it more in details. I only managed to establish the topic and how I will split this into chapters, I did not go more into details.

What I did extra though, was to create a rough plan about how to promote it, which channels and methods, as well when to prepare the communication materials and launch my first e-book.

As you can see, it has been a great start of my serious blogging journey, but as you can never predict what will happen, it got quite rough to the end. Nevertheless, I am not giving up and I really want to make this work, therefore I keep my positive energy and try to focus as much as possible on growing this blog.

For January's goals, I am not that ambitious anymore because I have a lot to prepare for (giving birth next month, yey!) so I would be happy to achieve just these two objectives below.

Review the blogging categories & update my content calendar.

Before launching my blog and after as well, I constantly review the categories I am writing about because you always need to adapt to your readers, but also to your specific capabilities. As in December, I realized I cannot post as often as I would like to (my plan was 4-5 times per week with some weekly series), I need to review my strategy in order to make it work for the future.

I believe it is more important to have quality posts that are meant to help others improve their knowledge and skills, rather than publishing articles almost on daily basis but not offering something useful to the readers. - click to Tweet

Create a more detailed social media plan.

Keeping in mind the same logic and strategy above, I need to have a more organized system for promoting my work on social media. I am using a basic Excel now (and I will continue to use the same tool), but I have to improve it and personalize it better for my needs. I am lacking a good tracking system that allows me to have a wide view of what, where and when I posted and I couldn't find anything on the web, therefore the decision has been made and turned into a goal.

These are my still newbie blogger goals and I am actually wondering what objectives you had established when you started blogging? Or if you didn't start yet, what is your plan for your first month of blogging? This is what I was targeting in my first month of blogging.

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