Monthly goals for my blog & biz - February 2018

It is important that for every project or activity you want to start, you actually set certain goals to achieve. When it comes to building your own blog and establishing your new business, it is crucial that you have some focused achievements to reach. I think it is not ok to "just go with the flow" if you want to be successful, therefore a plan is needed. And what is included in any well-done plan? Goals! Targets! Milestones! However you would like to call them, they are needed and essential.
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In January I didn't promote my blog at all. I was focused on making a plan and organizing my blogging ideas, that I did not have time to write anything. Just gathering material and ideal for new content. Nevertheless, the results were satisfying for me giving the efforts I have put in.

Even so, in my second month of blogging, I managed to have 421 page views. I would say it's ok-ish giving the effort (none!) and the circumstances from this period. I think you noticed by now that I am always optimistic no matter what!

As for unique visitors, I didn't manage to solve the Google Analytics problem for January yet, so still no information about this.

Before going into February's goals, let's quickly go through last month's objectives and see how I did.

Review the blogging categories & update my content calendar.

Giving the changes in our lives (giving birth one of these days, yey!!!), I had to review my blogging strategy at least for the beginning. After my first month of blogging, I realized I cannot keep up with the complex strategy I had in mind, at least not so fast. So I immediately decided not to lose more time and review my plan in order to make it work for the time being.

Therefore, I have put on hold some blogging categories, some I merged into bigger ones and based on this, I created a very useful content calendar for my blog posts. I have been working on it almost daily and developed it quite a lot that I am satisfied with the progress so far.

I think it is better to admit as soon as possible what capacity you have and grow your business from there. Slow and steady is more secure than fast and chaotic. - click to Tweet

Create a more detailed social media plan.

I mentioned above that I have been working almost every day to create a content calendar for my blog, but in the same time I also put together a list with all the social media platforms I am present on and created a calendar (including time of posting) for each post. I still have work to do in order to catch up with the already posted articles, but I am happy how is turning out.

In case you are wondering how or what I use, it is simple: old, but still cool Excel :) When I will be ready, I will share it with you guys.

For February's goals, I am still focusing on organizing my ideas and plans in order to make my life easier for when the baby comes and I will not have enough time for creating and implementing processes which are crucial for the smooth development of my blog & biz.

Catch up with at least 3 articles for January.

According to my editorial plan, I should have published minimum twice per week starting 1st of January. Because of various reasons, I was not able to, but I have to somehow meet my past expectations and fulfill what I promised myself.

On one side I feel like I should just move on with my plans and continue with my blogging strategy, but I am such a perfectionist (especially in this case), that I really want everything to be neat and almost perfect. I know, it is not a good habit, but I have to build a routine for myself to publish new content as planned.

Write a short summary of all posts to publish on social media channels.

It is very important to promote your content on social media and it is preferable not to just copy-paste the link of your work, but actually, write a few words in order to attract the reader to click your link and read more.

In my new social media plan, I have created a template for each platform I am present on and there I need to fill in the summary I want to publish when sharing my posts. It is easier to have it all on hand permanently and be able to promote my articles at any time without struggling to create a new copy.

These are my still newbie blogger goals and I am actually wondering what objectives you had established when you started blogging? Or if you didn't start yet, what is your plan for your first month of blogging? This is what I was targeting in my first month of blogging.

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